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  • The Billion Dollar Cybersecurity Mastermind
  • The Business Building Mastermind 
  • The Coaching Mastermind
  • The Millenial Mastermind
  • The Professor Mastermind

"For my career in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, masterminds have given me the edge on goal setting, accountability and networking. It’s about moving forward, not staying where we are today. . . Remember, status quo is out." 

Victoria Huff *Amazon Best-Selling Author* CEO/Founder  

She launched her very first mastermind group in 1989 when she was working at AT&T as an outside systems sales executive. Lots and lots of cold calls to businesses were required. Creating a group made the prospecting appear less daunting and calls became warmer. She learned that hearing no meant she was getting closer to a yes.  

Agenda items include idea-generating curriculum, guest speakers and participants being asked 3 questions during every meeting: 

1. What's one thing that worked well?

2. What's one thing that has not worked well?

3. What's one action step you will commit to doing before the next meeting?

"Possibility fades away into the distant future without accountability."

Participants became more acountable. She noticed that as the mastermind relationships grew stronger, accomplishing goals became easier for all of them. Exceeding quota was a monthly occurence. New ideas were generated for all members simply because of the power they created by their masterminding. Simple concept. Powerful outcomes.

During her tenure, $13.5 million dollars of revenue was tallied as a result of her group creation.  

Some of our world’s greatest luminaries in human history including Warren Buffett, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone all credit mastermind groups as being the difference maker for their lifelong successful careers. By working together and cultivating the meeting of our minds, a higher level of success will be achieved as part of a group vs. a solo practitioner approach which often leads to lonely times, many distractions and unfinished business. 

7 Reasons why you should join a Mastermind

1. You have your own peer-to-peer board of directors or advisory board.

2. You will learn new things to give you an edge.

3. You will develop better habits. Accountability is the key.

4. The knowledge you learn from your peers in different industries with vast backgrounds is transferable to you and your industry.

5. It's lonely at the top. Don't be alone any longer. You will join outstanding leaders in a safe space to share and test ideas.

6. Your network will expand rapidly and exponentially.

7. Collaboration is the key. Achieve more together as a group.

"Masterminds provide the edge on goal setting, accountability and networking, It’s about moving forward, not staying where we are today. . . Remember, status quo is out."  


The Billion Dollar Cybersecurity Mastermind, The Business Building Mastermind, The Millenial Mastermind and The Professor Mastermind  

Would you like to. . .  

  •  learn her personal secrets of success (SOS)?
  •  further develop your executive presence? 
  •  plan, develop and launch your business? 
  •  create a new initiative within your organization? 
  •  write your first book?
  •  write another book? 
  •  develop a one-of-a-kind campaign that spotlights your non-profit and secures all the corporate sponsorships you desire? 
  •  speak on bigger stages to get paid and obtain leads? 
  •  create your very own personal brand? 
  •  create your messaging templates for social media, press releases and your speaking engagements to be heard more frequently? 
  •  develop your social media campaign? 
  •  excel to a level greater than where you are now both professionally and personally? 
  •  learn how to promote healthy team engagement?  
  •  step out to accomplish your goals from behind the computer screen with confidence, clarity and conviction? 
  •  learn how to lead efficient meetings without wasting time? 
  •  have your own board of directors who are a supportive team of business partners? 
  •  be held accountable to reach or exceed your goals?  
  •  be passionate about life and work and want to overcome your fear of change?
  •  learn the benefits of efficient networking? 
  •  master the art of adaptability? 
  •  master active listening to increase revenue? 
  •  learn and practice EQ strategies that increase your value and help you to earn more? 
  •  execute new marketing strategies to be seen as an expert within your niche? 
  •  master the art of time blocking? 
  •  learn the benefits of reality board creation for you, your staff and your family?
  •  build your own wealth strategy to earn more in the short and long term? 
  •  create your own marketing calendar with launch dates?
  •  increase productivity for your team inside and outside of your office?(Get more things done.) 
  •  learn how to dress for success? 
  •  develop your personalized LinkedIn Selling campaign to achieve a high ROI(return on investment)?  
  •  assess the impact of COI(cost of inaction)? 

"We must do something differently, if we want things to change." 

Monthly investment: $397($200 savings) till we launch in March 2019

Our sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

Bonus: Exclusive private membership to her soon to launch Business Institute website. There you will have a repository of proven business building ideas and everything you need to launch your own marketing campaign for your new book, non-profit or business venture. Secure all the leads you want and learn how to convert to paying clients or sponsors.  


Will you finish what you start?

Bonus: 40% discount on a private one day business intensive. . . Work one on one with your Master Facilitator. Find out what specifically you can do to breakthrough to your next plateau. Remember: status quo is out. . . Scale your business and increase your earnings. At the end of the day, you will have a step by step plan to begin executing immediately.(Ask for details)  

Limited Time Bonus: Members will also receive one on one monthly strategy sessions with your Master Facilitator valued at $500 each.  

The Inner Circle for Happy Executives


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